Allie Daneman wrote:
I have no issues with building this version BUT it breaks qmailadmin
1.2.11. I get the following when trying to make qmailadmin on vpopmail

Thanks for testing! Can you please tell me the ./configure options you are using? I want to get an idea which ones are being used.

I posted a patch on qmailadmin's SourceForge site. The tracker number is [ 1795973 ]. It should allow qmailadmin to work with 5.4.22. On the other hand, I think I am going to revert the part of the patch that caused this problem, and apply it later. I plan to review all the buffer size definitions in the next development effort, and that is probably a better time for things that change the library interface. Look for another release with this change reverted next weekend.

I'm not sure if the issue is because I am compiling new options in vpopmail, or the fact that I recently upgraded from SuSE 9.3 to Open SuSE 10.2. It doesn't matter, I don't want to see any warnings when I compile, but it can wait. Right now I want a good stable version of vpopmail for the stable branch.

In the mean time, if any lurkers feel nervous about your favorite combination of ./configure options not working, now would be a good time to build and test.

P.S. Can you guys also update the version...the configure results have
been a version behind since 5.4.21. Thanks.

I'm trying... I'm sure I changed it for 22, but something must have gone wrong.


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