Rick Widmer wrote:
Allie Daneman wrote:
I have no issues with building this version BUT it breaks qmailadmin
1.2.11. I get the following when trying to make qmailadmin on vpopmail

Thanks for testing! Can you please tell me the ./configure options you are using? I want to get an idea which ones are being used.
Rick, I don't use qmailadmin, but I had it installed and rebuilt it anyway just for test, also fails with OP's reason.
Opts used here (from when we use to use it) are...

./configure --enable-htmldir=/usr/local/apache/htdocs --enable-imagedir=/usr/local/apache/icons --disable-ezmlm-mysql --enable-maxusersperpage=25 --disable-ipauth --enable-ezmlmdir=n


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