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I posted a patch on qmailadmin's SourceForge site. The tracker number is [ 1795973 ]. It should allow qmailadmin to work with 5.4.22. On the other hand, I think I am going to revert the part of the patch that caused this problem, and apply it later. I plan to review all the buffer size definitions in the next development effort, and that is probably a better time for things that change the library interface. Look for another release with this change reverted next weekend.

which reminds me... how about a patch to change the maximum password length to a more realistic limit? i've been doing this for several years, after applying patches but before running "./configure"...

        sed -ie '/^#define MAX_PW_PASS/s/40/128/' vpopmail.h
        sed -ie '/^#define MAX_PW_CLEAR_PASSWD/s/16/128/' vpopmail.h

i don't know about you, but my mailbox password is 23 characters long, and i encourage my users to use long passwords. (i use the standard vpasswd.cdb files for authentication, no SQL, i suspect that SQL users will need schema changes needed to support this- basically make the password fields longer.) i'm not familiar enough with the SQL end of things to know if this is the only change you would need, but i'm guessing so.

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