Hi Kenny,
if you use mysql to store user data you should drop the clear password column too. It happend the same to me few months ago. I forgot to disable the clear password and after, when i recompiled and reinstalled, vpopmail was still putting the clear text password in the table till i didn't dropped the column in the DB.
I hope it can help.

Kenny Lee wrote:
Hi Jeremy,

after the re-compiling, i tried to create a new domain, and found that the [EMAIL PROTECTED] also showed out the clear password while i used "vuserinfo" command.

i unable to download the perl script you mentioned below ..

Kenny Lee

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On 9/20/2007 2:28 AM, Kenny Lee wrote:
What i have tried ...
i go back to the installation folder, re-run again "./configure --disable-clear-passwd", then "make" and "make install-strip" ... but the result also same, when i used "vuserinfo" to view user's detail, the command still can show up the clear password of the user.

You did the right thing recompiling. That should make new passwords not contain the clear text.

But you've got to go through all the vpasswd files manually to remove the clear passwords from existing mailboxes.

I actually did the same thing years ago and published the code:


Jeremy Kister

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