I have been looking at this feature and would like to implement the virtual 
shared folders. Seems a lot easier if you have mail client that can set the acl 
on the Maildir's etc. We are also looking at the Bynari Outlook Plugin to 
handle these as well. The setup seems straight forward until it comes to 
keeping shared folders for different domains separate. Courier has a setting to 
apply a sharedgroup option to assign a user/email address to a group. Courier 
then allows that user to only access that groups shared folders (Courier terms 
this as a universe). In looking at this, it looks like Courier gets this 
setting via the auth module, in this case via vpopmail. 

Any one found away to use this feature, the sharedgroups setting? I have looked 
at the code a little, but I only know enough to get a general idea about what 
is going on. It looks like on the courier side, in the auth module, the options 
variable is getting set, but is limited to the access stuff regarding imap, 
pop, ... I tried looking on the vpopmail side at where that is set, but got 
lost and decided to check here.

Anyone else have any interest or got something to work? Any ideas or pointers 
would be great. 


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