Robin Bowes wrote:
Without looking at the RFC, I seem to recall is says that you must
accept mail for [EMAIL PROTECTED] That's not the same as having a
vpopmail user named "postmaster" for the "" domain.

However, it seems to me to be pretty perverse to delete the
[EMAIL PROTECTED] user, replace it with "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" and
then create an alias "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" pointing to

Perverse maybe, but it has been requested, and I see no reason not to allow it. I have also been asked to not automatically create the postmaster user with the domain, that will never happen. Once you have created a domain, you are welcome to screw it up any way you want. (Using the onchange mechanism maybe)

On the other hand I do want to make sure the catchall account is never deleted, and may also not allow any address that is the target of an alias within the domain to be deleted. (Much easier to do with a database than a .qmail/cdb back end.)

I can't remember, there may be a limit where you can't delete the only administrator in a domain. There should probably also be a limit that you can not delete the user you are logged in as, but that may only be a problem for qmailadmin and vpopmaild.

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