I have a question regarding vpopmail upgrades. The UPGRADE documentation states:

When recompiling vpopmail, you need to recompile all binaries that link
into the vpopmail libraries.  These include QmailAdmin, qmail-smtpd (if
you have the chkuser patch applied), Courier-IMAP etc.

I have a test machine that I upgraded to vpopmail 5.4.23. I recompiled/reinstalled qmailadmin and vqadmin. I didn't recompile courier-imap nor did I recompile qmail-smtpd.

I was able to telnet and successfully login to ports 25, 110, 143. So, is it necessary to recompile qmail-smtpd and Courier? I didn't recompile qmail-smtp because I'm not using the chkuser patch - I am using john simpsons combined patch 1.7.01. Would I still need to recompile?

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