Tom Collins wrote:
On Sep 21, 2007, at 3:33 PM, Rick Widmer wrote:
There is a patch for qmailadmin on SourceForge. Its tracker number is [1795973]. On the other hand, this weekend I will release 5.4.23 that backs out the change that caused this problem. I want a stable release that does not require any changes to existing code before the next batch of innovation.

Thanks for that -- I'm going to try to make a QmailAdmin release, and that patch to QmailAdmin isn't really a proper solution. You'll get compiler errors from the implicit declaration of readuserquota (since it's been removed from the .h).

Its done in 23, the latest release.

One solution would be to keep readuserquota() as it is, and create a new function to replace it (if that's necessary).

The problem is compiler warnings. Adding a new function won't solve the issue with the existing function. The first thing I'm going to do is compare the latest maildirquota code from courier with the code from vpopmail. The latest courier code doesn't have any warnings, and there is a recent note in the changelog about fixing warnings...

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