Good morning all,

Yesterday I decided to implement onchange to support a mechanism to
reject nonexistent accounts on the system.  thanks to John Simpson for
the DaemonTools part of this scheme.  I rebuilt and re-installed 
vpopmail-5.4.23 with
onchange enabled, and then rebuilt qmailadmin and vqadmin.  From the
commandline onchange is working just as I would expect.  The user list
is updating, all is well.  From qmailadmin or vqadmin the script does
not appear to be executing.  To be more certain of this I modified the
script to output a string to /tmp/out to see if this would be created.
No go.  What I am looking for is a strategy to hunt this down.  From
the commandline I would know how to chase it, but from qmailadmin I am
not quite sure how to track where and why the script is not being
launched.  My vpopmail build settings are below.  Thanks for any
pointers as to how I might narrow this down.

vpopmail directory = /home/vpopmail
domains directory = /home/vpopmail/domains
uid = 89
gid = 89
roaming users = OFF --disable-roaming-users (default)
password learning = OFF --disable-learn-passwords (default)
md5 passwords = ON --enable-md5-passwords (default)
file locking = ON --enable-file-locking (default)
vdelivermail fsync = OFF --disable-file-sync (default)
make seekable = ON --enable-make-seekable (default)
clear passwd = ON --enable-clear-passwd (default)
user dir hashing  = ON --enable-users-big-dir (default)
address extensions = OFF --disable-qmail-ext (default)
ip alias = OFF --disable-ip-alias-domains (default)
onchange script = ON  --enable-onchange-script
auth module = mysql --enable-auth-module=mysql
mysql replication = OFF --disable-mysql-replication (default)
sql logging = ON --enable-sql-logging
mysql limits = OFF --disable-mysql-limits (default)
SQL valias table = ON  --enable-valias
auth inc = -I/usr/pkg/include/mysql
sql auth lib = -L/usr/pkg/lib/mysql -lmysqlclient -lz -lm
system passwords = OFF --disable-passwd (default)
pop syslog = show failed attempts with clear text password --enable-logging=p
auth logging = ON --enable-auth-logging (default)
all domains in one SQL table = --enable-many-domains (default)
spamassassin = OFF --disable-spamassassin (default)
maildrop = ON --enable-maildrop

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