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However as soon as I append another pipe like so:

cat .qmail-default

|/home/vpopmail/etc/qmail-pipe |/home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

with a line like this, qmail-local will see the "return value" for the line as whatever came from vdelivermail... and vdelivermail WILL run, regardless of what qmail-pipe may or may not send to it.

like tom said, if your "qmail-pipe" doesn't alter the message, then put the call to "qmail-pipe" on one line, and the call to "vdelivermail" on the next line. in that case, any non-zero exit from qmail-pipe will prevent qmail-local from running vdelivermail.

and if qmail-pipe DOES alter the message, then qmail-pipe needs to execute vdelivermail as a child process, sending the altered message to vdelivermail's stdin, using the normal pipe(), fork(), and file handle shuffling routine (or if qmail-pipe is written in perl, 'open (O,"|vdelivermail ...")' will fire up the child process and do the file handle shuffling for you, and you can just print the modified message to file handle O.)

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