5.4.24 - released 29-Sep-2007

Release Notes:

This is a minor bug fix release. Unless compiler warnings bother you as much as they bother me, or you want to use longer passwords, you can ignore it.

On the other hand, if you haven't test compiled vpopmail within the last month, you should seriously consider compiling with your favorite set of ./configure options. (On a test system!) If you do, please post your configuration options and if they succeed or fail on the vpopmail mailing list.

I would also like to hear from a ldap user. A large patch for ldap was added, recently and I don't know if it has been tested yet.

The topic of starting vpopmail version 6 has recently come up on the vpopmail list. This discussion is moving, if you want to be involved, please join us on the SourceForge vpopmail-devel mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]


5.4.24 - Released 29-Sep-2007
        Rick Widmer, Tom Collins
        - fix off_t warnings in maildirquota.c when mysql back
          end is used.

        John Simpson, Joshua Megerman
        - extend maximum password length

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