aledr wrote:
> Good day!
> I need to build vpopmail as non-root user and used
> "--enable-non-root-build" but I got this message:
> "checking for valid vpopmail user and group... yes
> checking whether password file entry for the vpopmail user exists...
> No vpopmail user found.
> Please add the vchkpw group and
> vpopmail user. Then run configure again
> no
> configure: error: Could not compile and run even a trivial ANSI C
> program - check CC."
> So, is there a way to do not check the vpopmail user and group at build time?

In creating the vpopmail RPMs we use internally, I found the only way
was to patch things. The one we're currently using is below... If you're
not using some sort of package management, you should (obviously)
double-check ownership of various files after the normal vpopmail
install process.


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