I am the dumbest person alive, and in charge of a vpopmail server,
I manage to drop database vpopmail
the system was a production one, under the domain xx_at_aduanett_dot_hn
I have a backup with the username, name, password in a CVS format

I am trying and getting:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] bin]# ./vadduser -q 10 -c "Carlos Collart" ccollart
Error: User's directory already exists?

i am googling for alternatives
./vadduser -ignoredirectory


how could i re-poblate the mysql directly?
insert values(xxx,hash(xxx),xx,xx) into 'aduanett.hn'.vpopmail or crypt?

[EMAIL PROTECTED] bin]# ./vadduser -v
version: 5.4.13

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