Carlos Collart wrote:
I am the dumbest person alive, and in charge of a vpopmail server,
I manage to drop database vpopmail
the system was a production one, under the domain xx_at_aduanett_dot_hn
I have a backup with the username, name, password in a CVS format

I am trying and getting:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] bin]# ./vadduser -q 10 -c "Carlos Collart" ccollart 'password'
Error: User's directory already exists?

i am googling for alternatives
./vadduser -ignoredirectory


how could i re-poblate the mysql directly?
insert values(xxx,hash(xxx),xx,xx) into ' <>'.vpopmail or crypt?

[EMAIL PROTECTED] bin]# ./vadduser -v
version: 5.4.13


If all you have is user, pass and domain name (what's the difference between username and name in your post ? gecos perhaps ?), you'll need a script to find the users homedir.

You can then take the information gathered above and add it directly to the mysql database. If all you have is the plain text password, you'll have to have a routine to encrypt it to MD5 before storing it.

If you don't care about losing the users existing email, just remove all the users directories in the/home/vpopmail/domains/ directory and let vpopmail automagically add them.

If you need help, just ask.



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