On 2007-10-04, at 2255, Christopher Chan wrote:
tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:
MysSQL has now an hardcoded  timeout of eight hours.
Courier uses it's authentication daemon with persistent attach to vpopmail/MySQL, it could be that during the night there are no requests, so MySQL connections are droppped (by MySQL).

I thought this was addressed in a recent version of vpopmail?

when vpopmail tries to do something on the sql server and gets a "connection was closed" error, it now opens a new connection and tries the operation again.

it sounded like he was talking about seeing the stale client threads/ processes within the sql server itself, which for whatever reason hadn't been harvested by the sql server's reaper. if so, that question has more to do with the sql server's internals than it does with vpopmail.

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