thanks a lot mates for you're answers, and in where logs could you see
connections have been droped?? you doing an overview for all answers some
mysql versions have timeout for it's persistent connections (connections
as vpopmail connections) and this causes connection not to close properly
and the aborted client... so then is a mysql issue?? could this cause

> At 04.55 05/10/2007, you wrote:
>>tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:
>>>MysSQL has now an hardcoded  timeout of eight hours.
>>>Courier uses it's authentication daemon with persistent attach to
>>>vpopmail/MySQL, it could be that during the night there are no
>>>requests, so MySQL connections are droppped (by MySQL).
>>I thought this was addressed in a recent version of vpopmail?
> Yes, but you see in the logs that some connections have been dropped.
> Tonino

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