Yes it really goes ok... and now for example the server has a uptime of
more or less 110 days... I have never had to restart courier-imap package
(wich I use for pop and imap services) and seems to be running ok... so
this is normal then? and I shouldn't change nothing then? or is it
advisable to increase mysql timeout?? or I could stay as I'm now?

Thanks a lot :) :)

> Christopher Chan wrote:
>>> So then no matter for worrying about this? This can't break the
>>> database
>>> or... don't know cause any type of problem... or should I do any conf
>>> in
>>> authdaemon for this to be avoided? or is this normal and nothing
>>> happens
>>> with it?
>> Either restarted authdaemon if this happens or upgrade vpopmail. This
>> should not break the database. It just affects your imap connections.
> Or change your my.cnf for mysql to allow unlimited timeout's.  That's
> what I did (Well I actually set it to 4 days).
> Rick

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