I had the same problems under high load on a similarly configured
machine (2.0Ghz instead of 2.4Ghz, but other than that about the same).

When I installed the external & big todo patches it helped A LOT, but I
still have some delay in delivery. However it is much more "acceptable"
as messages can be delayed one to two minutes, instead of fifteen to
twenty minutes. Usually things go through fairly instantly.

The single best performance enhancer you could do would be the external
todo patch, from my point of view.

I also found that the chkuser patch also helped a LOT, I highly
recommend using that patch as well.

For reference, I'm not using Bill's toaster, but rather my own custom brew.

Another load reducing method is to use a much faster anti-spam product,
but you will most likely have to pay for that. I suggest MPPd
(messagepartners.com) I've been using it for several years with the
Cloudmark plugin and it is much more effective than spamassassin, with
hundreds of times lower load on the system.

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João Luiz - Terra wrote:
Hi Tren,

Sorry. My english is not good :).

My server is dual xeon 2.4 with 2 Gb RAM and HD SCSI 73 Gb.
I have problems with delivery delay when my server is with many connections POP3 and SMTP. I use isoqlog to analyze my email traffic, but I don´t have stats of POP3 and connections with my SMTP (RBL, no delivery, ...). Exists any software to analyze POP3 and SMTP log?
When my server is slow, I have:
SMTP concurrent: 40 - 50
POP3 concurrent: 20 - 30
Load Average: 30 - 40

I have many SMTP connections with "not existing recipient".

My server was very good. Between last monday and last friday it is very slow.
How can I identify a possible attack?

Thank you

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Hi Joao;

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I am working with qmail toaster by http://www.shupp.org/toaster/.
Is it the better performance instalation?

My server is very slowly :(

You'll need to give something specific here. Bill Shupps Toaster is widely popular. I use it myself and have no issues with performance. What are the specifications of the hardware you've implemented it on. What specifically is performing slow? Is there anything else on this server? Approximately how many mailboxes are housed on this server? How many deliveries per second/minute/hour/day (whatever is easiest to convey) and do you have any idea what your peak concurrent deliveries are? You need to provide as much information as possible before asking such a general question.



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