the warnings are daily... on sarge unless on etch yesterday in a testing
machine I had a hang of courier and had to restart it by hand, but today
have started mysqld_safe with --wait_timeout=345600 and haven't seen today
any warning and courier has logged properly... I'm gonna check the two
solutions... the wait_timeout increasing and the vmysql.patch... (that I
think it come from vpopmail 5.4.17 to more newer...)

thanks a lot mates :)
have a nice day

>> Yes it really goes ok... and now for example the server has a uptime of
>> more or less 110 days... I have never had to restart courier-imap
>> package
>> (wich I use for pop and imap services) and seems to be running ok... so
>> this is normal then? and I shouldn't change nothing then? or is it
>> advisable to increase mysql timeout?? or I could stay as I'm now?
> I would suggest setting the mysql timeout to about twice the longest
> interval between pop/imap logins.  4 or 5 days is probably good.  One
> day wouldn't be bad if you don't mind seeing a few warnings on weekends.
> I don't use mysql though.
> Rick

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