Rick Macdougall wrote:
> Michael Johnson wrote:
>> I don't have that file, so I'm using the default (7200 then).
>> How would this have an effect on POP3 connections?
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>> Rick Macdougall wrote:
>>> Michael Johnson wrote:
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>>>> I've been running into an issue on our mail server recently. As traffic
>>>> has been increasing on it, I've been getting the response that I listed
>>>> in the subject more often, and now customers are also seeing it (busy
>>>> try again later!). Of course, this response causes any mail clients to
>>>> prompt for password, making it rather annoying.
>>> Is your timeoutsmtpd set in /var/qmail/control to something lower than
>>> 7200 ?  (I'm using 180, I know at least one person on this list is using
>>> 60).
> Heh, sorry. I just glanced through it and assumed it was an smtp error.
> I didn't see any mention of pop3 in there.
> You could increase the number of allowed pop3 connections though.  The
> default is 40.  You can increase it by using the -c xx flag with
> tcpserver, where xx is your required number of connections.
> Regards,
> Rick

Sorry if I wasn't clear on which protocol is having the issue.

I'm using sslserver from the ucspi-ssl package so I can offer
ssl-encrypted connections as well. The non-encrypted process is set to
300 connections, and the ssl process is at 200.

 - Michael

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