Rick Macdougall wrote:
> And you have about 6K users ???  Our server with about 30K users almost
> never goes over 40 concurrent connections, and we do have quite a few
> users checking every minute.
> Are you sure there isn't some issue with authentication or perhaps I/O
> that is slowing down the pop connections ?
> Regards,
> Rick

Yes, the processes are a bit overkill, and we maybe have 100 concurrent
connections as many of our customers use e-mail as a file delivery
service and so utilize the connection for some time when getting messages.

I don't believe I remembered to note that the mailboxes are on an NFS
mount. The filesystem on that server is JFS mounted with the noatime
option. The connection between the mail and file server is on a private
switch with the file server being on a gigabit port, and the mailserver
on a 100 mbit port. Perhaps it could be some weird locking issues with
the cdb files over NFS, but I would think that would have exhibited
itself before now when the office staff all connects to get mail.

This is a new problem. It started in September and we haven't added many
new accounts since then, maybe 100 domains. Nothing mail-related on the
mail server, and nothing on the fileserver has changed since before that

 - Michael

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