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What am I doing wrong with my chkuser setup?

I want to have an alias of .qmail-fred, yet allow email to be accepted for .qmail-fred-something.

I'm using chkuser 2.0.8. Do I need to create .qmail-fred-default and define CHKUSER_ENABLE_ALIAS_DEFAULT? I have CHKUSER_ENABLE_USERS_EXTENSIONS defined, but it only seems to apply for users and not aliases.

If I have a .qmail-fred-default, will email for fred come in, or will it only work for fred-something?
The second.
You should create both .qmail-fred and .qmail-fred-default for having accepted both fred and fred-something.

Which is the qmail behaviour without chkuser in such a case? I can change chkuser behaviour if it is in contrast with qmail's one.

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