5.4.26 (development) - released 03-Nov-07

Release Notes:

This release supports Bill Shupp's PEAR (PHP Code archive) release of Networking::Net_Vpopmaild, an "OO PHP API for communicating with Vpopmail's new vpopmaild daemon, a tool for remote administration of vpopmail over tcp/ip." Lets all wish him luck getting it approved for inclusion in the PEAR archive.

It also includes the beginning of ezmlm mailing list support within vpopmail. This takes the analysis and update code from qmailadmin and moves it into libvpopmail where it can be shared with vpopmaild. Analysis and reporting is operational, it still needs code to allow you to describe the list you want to create/modify. Details can be found at:

and in the "Mailing List Support" section of:


5.4.26 - Released 3-Nov-2007
        Bill Shupp
        - vpopmaild fix: find_domain should not list 'page 0' when a
        domain is not found.  Instead, return "." only.  Also indicate
        in help that per_page is optional.  find_domain page numbers
        consistently start at 1.
        - update README.vpopmaild to reflect the above.
        - Get valias_remove() working for cdb module.

        Rick Widmer
        - Arrange vpopmail.h based on libvpopmail categories
        - Add vlistlib library, vlist program to manage mail lists


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