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Kenny Lee wrote:
backup your user's mailbox, delete the userID and
recreate again.

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Dear all,

When trying to login using squirrelmail I get
below mentioned error;
"Unknown user or password incorrect."
This happens for one user only others can
without any problems. Also, when I append the
name along with the userid the user is able
to log
Please let me kow why this is happening.
Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried changing that users password?
they have some silly chars in password? or
Yes, changed it through qmailadmin and very
password. Still same problems. Permissions on
folders are correct with vpopmail:vchkpw as
but username as well ? does it have any non
alphanumeric chars ?
are you using cdb or mysql?
Also does this account work properly via pop3 ?
If so, I'd say it does have weird chars in it and
you maybe need read up on squirrelmail, or ask on their list.
1.4.12 is shortly be released so if you have a bug
in it, now is the time to speak up :) But over there not here.

i am using 1.4.6 and yes it does work properly with
pop3. I just didn't want to subscribe to another
mailing list. Anyways thanks for trying.

I suggest you check out SM's website in a few days, and upgrade to 1.4.12 when it comes out, the version you are using now, is full of security issues, and php issues which have been fixed, we might be trying to help you fix some bug that was fixed some time ago, that version is at least 2 to 3 years old.
If its critical, I'd at the very least upgrade to 1.4.11 in meantime.
Good luck.

PS The SM list is low traffic so if issues persist give a yell over there :)


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