ckubu wrote:
> Hi,
> I have vpopmail running with smtp-after-pop functionality 
> (--enable-roaming-users). the pop-daemon is from qmail. this works fine for 
> normal (unsecure) connection via port 110. but this doesn't work if 
> connecting via strunnel on port 995. I know, thats correct, because stunnel 
> is connecting to qmail's pop3 daemon from ip 
> Is there any setup known, that results in writing users ip-address to 
> open-smtp file so that smtp-after-pop work's even if connected via stunnel ?
> best wishes
> christoph

As STunnel proxies the connection, it probably looks like a connection
on to the SMTP server.

You might want to look at using ucspi-ssl
( which is an
SSL-enabled version of tcpserver.

 - Michael


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