Matthew Moore wrote:

I can see in my qmail send log –

@40000000474479971c31105c delivery 79455: deferral: qmail-inject:_fatal:_unable_to_parse_this_line:/To: XXXXXXXXXX


Now what seems strange is the email has already been accepted by one qmail server and passed on to this one thats throwing up the above error.

qmail does not parse emails received via qmail-smtpd. In other words, qmail-inject tries to get addresses from headers whereas qmail-smtpd does not.

Other emails seem to be going through ok.

They do not have bad To: headers.

I read somewhere a post from last year by Jeremy that VPOPMails vdelivermail should be calling qmail-queue and not qmail-inject.

Maybe...does vdelivermail call qmail-local or does it handle dot-qmail files itself!?!? Somehow I do not think this has anything to do with vdelivermail...

The emails for users stuck in the queue throwing up that error all have forwards on to outside domains.

Any pointers?

'Fix' qmail-inject? These forwarding accounts all have their own dot-qmail file right?


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