Matthew Goodman wrote:
Thanks, I am using Vpopmail 5.4.18. Was the fix after that release?

The only thing that says "memory leak" is in 5.4.18. There are many bug fixes, and a few new features in 5.4.25, the current stable version. If you are using vpopmaild you would want 5.4.26 the current dev release. If you are on solaris, there is a fix that is only in 5.4.27 which is only available from CVS.

I wish I could say upgrading will fix the problem, but vpopmail was never designed to run as a daemon. I'm not sure there is an easy fix other than more careful design on version 6. I'm afraid I don't have a lot of time for vpopmail right now, but if someone can come up with a patch, I'll gladly add it and put out a new release. (Patches against .25, .26 or CVS only, please.)



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