Yes. As far as I am concerned, the project is not possible without the support of the major qmail players. I will probably see about shutting it down.

none of the lads here interested? I doubt many of you use vpopmail with postfix like i do and now that qmail is public domain, i will probably try to lift some code for a postfix qmail lda...but surely there is interest in a proper qmail based smtp frontend?

At the moment, I do not see netqmail adding support for user verification at rcpt to time in the near future...

We'll see what happens. I haven't had a chance to look at netqmail-1.06 yet, but I see it is now out.

Same as netqmail-1.04 plus the qmail-isoc patch for the qmail-smtpd signed integer bug. So no vpopmail user verification support.


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