Luciano Bolonheis wrote:
Hi Rick... its mysql, but after java connected to the database, how do
i compare the passwords ?

It depends on the ./configure options you used when building vpopmail. If you have clear text passwords enabled, just look at them. If not then --enable-md5-passwords controls the format of the password. If set, I believe md5( clear_password ) will give you a value you can compare against, if not then crypt( clear_password ) should do the trick.

Since I don't use --enable-md5-passwords to insure compatibility between my email passwords and my system passwords I would use something like this (PHP code).

$Tablename depends on the --disable-many-domains option. One way all domains are stored in a single table - 'users'. The other way each domain has its own table, named after the domain. (I prefer the first, and hope to remove the option from vpopmail some day.)

$Encrypted = crypt( $ClearPassword );

$Query = "

SELECT pw_name, pw_domain, pw_...
FROM $TableName
WHERE pw_name = '$UserName'
  AND pw_passwd = '$Encrypted'


If this query is successful, the password is valid.


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