Tom Collins wrote:
Courier-IMAP seems to be putting a heavy load on my server when someone accesses a mailbox with a large number of messages in it. I recently scanned the mailboxes on my server, and sent some notices out to clients who had boxes with old, unread messages in them. I think that today some have gone online to pick up that mail, and I'm suffering the consequences (server load of 14.0+).

What's the preferred IMAP server for a machine that will have 100-200 connections (plan for growth...) but may have an occasional mailbox with 1000+ messages in it. I've searched the archives and tried to google for "imap server performance" and "imap server comparison" but haven't come up with much after an hour.

My impression is that Dovecot performs well, better than courier, but I'm wondering if anyone can offer up some real-world numbers to help me make my decision.

On a folder with 15K messages in it, Courier took well over 2 minutes to open it (Thunbderbird as the email client). Dovecot took under 45 seconds.

I never did check the load though.




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