Ed McLain wrote:
The answer is a bit of yes and no.  The code is there but Dovecot doesn't by 
default set the TCPLOCALPORT setting which is what allows vpopmail to limit 
users to webmail, pop3, or imap access.  I've written a patch to add that and 
it is attached to this email.  As an FYI, my configure string for Dovecot with 
vpopmail is as follows and the CFLAGS pass to configure is required to enable 
roaming users support:

cd /dovecot/build/path/
patch -p1 < dovecot-vpopmail.patch
./configure --with-pop3d --with-vpopmail --prefix=/opt/dovecot --with-ssl=openssl 
--without-passwd --without-passwd-file --without-shadow --without-static-userdb 

What is that vpopmail patch? dovecot already supports vpopmail since 0.99 which is what comes with RHEL4/Centos4.


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