Ed McLain wrote:
XFS.. I'm addicted and will freely admit it.

We ran some benchmarks a while back between EXT3, XFS, JFS, and ReiserFS with 
both qmail and mysql.  While MySQL didn't care much, qmail was able to deliver 
between 10,000 and 20,000 messages per minute more on XFS than either other 
option.  Also, having had to recover data from all filesystems listed due to 
hardware or other failures, XFS has been the most reliable and easiest to 
recover.  Reiser and EXT3 were the worst.  Just my .02.

XFS has the most aggressive data caching schemes of all the filesystems available for Linux. Are you sure it is the most reliable and the most recoverable? I have always found files stuffed with nulls on a xfs filesystem after a crash or a power cut. Never a completely corrupt filesystem but definitely zero data recovery for freshly created files just prior to crashing. That is notwithstanding xfs shutting itself down for no apparent reason (the box did not crash, no disk errors in logs, etc) which may be resolved by remounting or a reboot but in some cases, a repair was needed.


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