Are you referring to using dovecot with imap and vpopmails roaming users option 
in order to set the RELAYCLIENT environment variable in tcpserver so as to 
bypass RBL checking?

Ed McLain

From: Remo Mattei <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 11:48:29 -0600
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Conversation: [vchkpw] dovecot relay compare to pop3
Subject: [vchkpw] dovecot relay compare to pop3

Hello I have done some testing and dovecot works great. However the
scenario below show that it does not update the info and does not allow
me to send mail if the address is in the mail-abuse list.

Trying to send mail using imap with dovecot from comcast which does have
a address in the blacklist ( database) therefore receiving
mail if fine but sending craps out. Say the address in the mail-abuse db
server and cannot send.

If I use the qmail pop3 mail server then it's ok I can send the email
even thought the address is the mail-abuse mail. I have also tried since
some isp do not allow mail out if they do not use their own mail port 25
to iptables it to use upper port which redirects to the port 25 but imap
still not working.



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