Most of my domains in /var/vpopmail/domains/ have a .qmail-default file that
looks like this:


| /var/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox


After upgrading from vpopmail 5.4.19 to 5.4.26, any user that was created
using QmailAdmin 1.2.10 that did NOT have the Spam Detection box checked is
not receiving their mail. This is because of absence of the .qmail file for
the user's folder. I was under the impression that each user not having a
.qmail file is not bad in itself, as long as a .qmail-default file existed
in the parent folder for that domain.


Before this upgrade, this was not a problem seeing that a .qmail-default
file was in place at the root of each domain's directory under
/var/vpopmail/domains. However, after the upgrade, these users (that don't
have a .qmail file) are having all their messages dropped to their
Maildir/tmp folder.


I have no idea what is causing this. Replacing the .qmail-default with
something that resembles other user's .qmail file fixes the problem,
however, this is not the preferred approach due to some configs being set
for catchall-delete or bounce or what-have-you.


Totally stuck on New Year's. Hope yours is better than mine. any ideas here?





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