> You do raise a good point, I wish Gentoo would get that part of it right.
> Deviating from the standards are not a good idea.
I love Gentoo, but every now and then the do something boneheaded that
makes me think that I should bail on it for KUbuntu or something like
that.  The only thing that's kept me on it lately is that while I'm no
longer on the bleeding edge (I use a thinkpad R50p - at the time I got it,
Gentoo was the only flavor I could tweak things with properly and still
use "official" packages rather than rolling my own and having to remember
to upgrade it manually), I still do occasionally tweak things (and
rebuilding my primary workstation is a pain :)).  Most notably they seem
to have had some people with strange ideas of how to maintain
qmail/vpopmail etc., but since it was their sandbox they got to make it

Personally, no matter how good the maintainer, I prefer doing source for
qmail/vpopmail et. al. - that way I _know_ what it's gonna do (or at least
what I'm expecting it to do :)).


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