I tend to agree with you on all points, however, once a production level
system is up and running (quite smoothly for years up until recently here)
I try not to upset the chi.

Now if I were to do it all over, I'd probably do it very differently. It's
always a learning process.

Back onto point though, any thoughts as to where I could look for why
email is so backed up? And why all of a sudden .qmail-default was not good
enough to deliver mail with?


>> You do raise a good point, I wish Gentoo would get that part of it
>> right.
>> Deviating from the standards are not a good idea.
> I love Gentoo, but every now and then the do something boneheaded that
> makes me think that I should bail on it for KUbuntu or something like
> that.  The only thing that's kept me on it lately is that while I'm no
> longer on the bleeding edge (I use a thinkpad R50p - at the time I got it,
> Gentoo was the only flavor I could tweak things with properly and still
> use "official" packages rather than rolling my own and having to remember
> to upgrade it manually), I still do occasionally tweak things (and
> rebuilding my primary workstation is a pain :)).  Most notably they seem
> to have had some people with strange ideas of how to maintain
> qmail/vpopmail etc., but since it was their sandbox they got to make it
> so...
> Personally, no matter how good the maintainer, I prefer doing source for
> qmail/vpopmail et. al. - that way I _know_ what it's gonna do (or at least
> what I'm expecting it to do :)).
> Josh
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