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2008-01-05 21:58:01.211526500 delivery 32: deferral:

This error message means that it's having trouble running qmail-queue, probably as called from qmail-inject.

I was pretty sure that was the case; thanks for confirming it. Shane Chrisp suggested (off list) that I changed from using &[EMAIL PROTECTED] line in .qmail file to using /path/to/user/Maildir/ instead. The problem went away when I did that. To me that also confirms the problem is with calling qmail-queue and delivery to Maildir is not a problem.

I don't want to change all .qmail files to that format since I rely on qmailadmin and it will just re-create a 'broken' .qmail file when changes are made. So. that brings me to, why is qmail-inject (or qmail-local??) is not able to call qmail-queue. I'm stuck trying to figure that out.


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