Hello Again,

Previously, a patch was submitted by Vitali Malicky about  LDAP changes with 
the patch id: 1609348 


According to the changelog of vpopmail, This patch was added to vpopmail 5.4.20.
When I checked vpopmail 5.4.25, I recognized that this patch is not really 

I made some changes on this patch to be compatible with Addressbook stuffs.

1. Vitali was assigning [EMAIL PROTECTED] as cn value, I changed it with GECOS 
value. (because, addressbooks consider cn as a full name of the person)

2. I added new ldap attribute (mail) to be able to search mail
addresses over the addressbook.

As a result, with this patch, vpopmail will be compatible with OpenLDAP 2.3.X 
and have a basic addressbook feature.

You can find the patch at 


Wednesday, January 2, 2008, 11:43:28 AM, you wrote:

> Hello,

> According to the ChangeLog, the patch name in the subject was added to
> vpopmail 5.4.20

> 5.4.20 - Released 21-Aug-2007
>          Vitali Malicky (coonardoo), Ismail Yenigul
>         - add ldap patch [1909348]

> But, when I tried to test vpopmail-5.4.20 and 5.4.26 with ldap support 
> (openldap 2.3.X),
> I got the "qmailUser' requires attribute 'sn'" error. I recognized
> that the patch is not added into vpopmail.

> /* Background info: This patch introduces sn and cn ldap attributes to be 
> able to use
> openldap 2.3.X.  and sn and cn attributes MUST in qmailUser.schema) */

> Normally, If the patch was added to vpopmail, we should have the
> following lines in the vldap.[ch].
> +       "cn",                           /* 7 LDAP's "cn" demanded
> by "objectClass: qmailUser"   [EMAIL PROTECTED] */
> +       "sn",                           /* 8 LDAP's "cn" demanded
> by "objectClass: qmailUser"   [EMAIL PROTECTED] */

+    lm[7]->>mod_values[0] = safe_strdup(inpw->pw_cn);           /* "cn" [EMAIL 
+    lm[8]->>mod_values[0] = safe_strdup(inpw->pw_sn);           /* "sn" [EMAIL 

> etc.

> patch url:
> https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&atid=577800&aid=1609348&group_id=85937


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