I have a question Alessio.. ma se usi shupp.org/toaster dove sono i log di simscan.. Am I missing something since the only info I see about the simscan is under the /var/qmail/simscan and I have a huge 10megs file under that location (there is dir called 1198192110.336362.27290 1066) then the file msg.11111xxx

Thanks for your feedback..

Alessio Cecchi wrote:
We’re happy to announce that the first version of simscan-gui-base is now available for download.

simscan-gui-base-0.1 GPL version

simscan-gui is a web based interfaces for trace and monitor incoming and outing e-mails from a qbox like (qmail, simscan) mail server. All e-mail users can access this interface to monitor their e-mail traffic.



This version is sponsored by CBS - www.cecchi.biz

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