The title says it all...

When i try to AUTH with my IMAP server using the "authvchkpw" module i
got those lines in my authlib log file :

DEBUG: received auth request, service=imap, authtype=login
DEBUG: authvchkpw: trying this module
DEBUG: vchkpw: domain does not exist
DEBUG: authvchkpw: REJECT - try next module
DEBUG: FAIL, all modules rejected

I installed vpopmail-5.4.25 with the following configurations options :
   ./configure --prefix=/var/vpopmail --enable-qmaildir=/var/qmail
--enable-vpopuser=vpopmail --enable-vpopgroup=vchkpw
--disable-clear-passwd --enable-qmail-ext --enable-auth-module=mysql
--enable-passwd --enable-logging=y --enable-valias --disable-many-domains

The user i try to auth is a local user (in the /etc/shadow )
When i try with an user from a virtualdomain it works good, no problems
with the vchkpw, so there aren't any misconfiguration in the courier-authlib
The more weird thing is when i auth to SMTP, my local user is
authentificated and i can send mail to anyone.

I tried to auth to imap using both 'user' and 'user_at_domain_dot_tld'
(no @, no <EMAIL PROTECTED>) but i got error for both

Any ideas ?


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