Pierre GEOFFROY wrote:
Thank you for your reply and help.
My understanding is that it is enabled (NOT commented): #define
and yes we recompiled


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Did you enable checking of quota in chkuser_settings.h, and recompile?


Pierre GEOFFROY ha scritto: Thank you for your reply.
        Yes, vpopmail shows the correct size and quota:
        eg: usage: 97% and while testing I receive MAILER-DAEMON stating the
user is
        over quota.
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        What does vpopmail say about the mailbox? Is it showing the correct
        and quota for the mailbox?
        On Thu, 2008-02-07 at 00:20 +0100, Pierre GEOFFROY wrote:
                We are using checkuser 2.08 and it works fine, rejecting
email for
                We are encountering problem trying to have checkuser reject
emails based
                user's quota.
                We set CHKUSER_MBXQUOTA="90" in /etc/tcp.smtp but despite
the quota being
                reached emails are accepted by checkuser and the
subsequently rejected by
                Any advice appreciated.
                Many thanks

It's worth knowing that 5.4.24-5 have broken maildir++ quota handling. I'm very surprised (and a little disappointed) that no bugfix has been released, I rolled back to 5.4.23 and that solved the issue. FYI


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