Bogdan Motoc - CRC wrote:

Florian Leeber wrote:

try it with the CHKUSER patch for qmail-smtpd, I had the same problems
like you, and I got all issues solved with that. The only thing I have
to solve is the fact that the vpopmail data should be replicated on the
secondary MX. So far this would be no problem except that my domain
users all got their private vpopmail domain directory which is difficult
to replicate ...
there is a patchset including smtp-auth and so on, but unfortunately you
would have to google this...

Ok, what do I have to replicate from qmail/vpopmail for it to work and not deliver mail localy, but to the primary MX? Replicating everyting, including maildirs is out of the question.

The validrcptto patch or using mysql as the backend will both work.

We happen to use the mysql option.




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