DAve wrote:
Sorry for the off topic post but I just have to tell someone.

I have a house full of teenagers twice a week. I let my sons band practice downstairs, full drum kit and amps, the whole shootin match. I give them a place to practice, make them dinner, fix their guitars, tell them to drive careful when they leave. This has been Thursday and Sunday nights for almost a year.

Funny thing happened tonight after practice. My wife called me downstairs and all the kids were in the kitchen. In the middle of the floor was a new hardcase with a New Haven made Ovation six string guitar. They had saved their money since November and pooled it together to get me something they said I wouldn't spend the money on for myself. It was their way of saying thanks. I nearly cried.

The next generation is going to be just fine.

That's awesome Dave.
It almost makes me want to put these TVs back in the kid's rooms :/

It'll come.. thanks for the words of encouragement :)


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