Hrmm didn't get D.Hilbig's mines included in this...

my problem is solved once after installation of devel package.

during next upgradation i'll switch to centos.

you'll still have the same problem, last time I loaded up a CentOS image. This is why I am only useing slackware now, that includes the gradual phase out of BSD and slowaris for it, rock hard stable and reliable, the programs contained within are not messed with like RH/ Debian etc do (hence way less problems = way less updates) and greater than 5 years support of updates, I've used Slackware since v2 and I've used RH since early days as well, but its so B.S now I wouldnt use even fedora on a desktop again, that's Ubuntu's job now :) . Hrmm come to think of it I think we have so e AIX boxes that need replacing soon too ;)

D. Hilbig wrote:
alternative. I use CentOS ( which is effectively a
RHEL production release.

But its still released by the same butchers that hack out code to suite their internal politics. Early RH releases were OK, that's before they started to get too big and political, but not as reliable as much as Slackware or BSD is (for reasons stated above), but in fairness I have not had access to RHEL5 to try, but you know what they say, same dog different s... anyways way OT now so I'll end my participation in this thread :)

all the best.


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