On Wednesday 02 July 2008, Eric Olsen wrote:
> Hello,
> I am having a problem with the way the maildirsize file is being updated
> by vdelivermail.  For every message that is delivered to a given maildir
> two entries are made in the maildirsize file.  The first entry that is
> appended to maildirsize is always about 60 - 80 bytes less than the
> second entry.  The first entry is always smaller that the actual file
> size of the incoming message.  The second entry that is appended for the
> message is correct; the byte count is the same as the incoming message
> size.

This is a long-standing bug in the last two released versions of vpopmail, 
first reported early last year.  Unfortunately the maintainers haven't seen 
fit to roll up a version without this bug even though it's been (apparently) 
fixed in the codebase since last fall.

Grab the codebase version or revert to 5.4.23.   That's the only honest 
answer... you don't need to roll back the MySQL tables.  *.24 had some issue, 
unfortunately it's now been so long since a vpopmail release that I don't 
remember what it was.

I'm starting to think someone needs to fork vpopmail (if possible), since the 
maintainers appear to have no interest in vpopmail anymore.  I'd have done it 
already, pending a study of the license, if I had better coding abilities.  
As an example,  also lapsed is the support in courier-imap for vpopmail 
because the vpopmail maintainers have stopped submitting or signing off on 
the vpopmail authentication code in courier-authdaemon.  

Sorry there isn't better news.



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