Quey wrote:

On 06/07/08 18:44:29, kalin m wrote:
sorry... i had to change mail accounts...

no. it never worked.

vpomail is compiled from source with:
$ ./configure --enable-clear-passwd --enable-valias --enable-auth-module=mysql --enable-domainquotas --disable-roaming-users

Firstly do not use domainquoatas, they never really worked, and in fact this option has been removed from current versions.

Enable MySQL logging and see if it tries to hit the database

i haven;t added anything to this installation. just trying to set it for the first time on this machine...

the tar i fot off the inter7 site is called vpopmail-5.4.2.tar.gz there is no (24|25|26)

yikes! thats like many many many years old! .. Please grab the latest stable version from inter7's web site before doing anything else..

The latest versions are on SourceForge now





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