Please, before anyone simply responds with switch to dovecot, I have reasons to stick with courier at this time despite the performance gains that I might receive from switching to dovecot. I have a setup which uses the shared folder setup on courier and I don't believe the shared folder support in dovecot is mature enough for our needs based on the documentation.

That being said, is anyone using or has used the authmysql module for courier-auth to authenticate against the vpopmail data. Obviously, we have vpopmail storing its data in MySql already or we wouldn't be trying this. It seems possible and with some custom programing it looks like we could get all the disable flags passed correctly to courier. Just wondering if anyone had any experience, positive or negative, and if anyone knew of any other issues that might arise by going this route. Any features that are being used in the authvchkpw module that I would need to replicate somehow? Is this a plausible alternative to waiting for someone to maybe pickup the continued development of the authvchkpw module?

Any insight would be helpful, and again, I am aware the dovecot may be a better option, but at this time I am not able to consider that as an option. Thanks



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