On Sun, 2008-07-20 at 19:00 +0300, Bulent Kolay wrote:
> Well,  my vqregister works but when it could not write to user_store
> database.
> As vqregister didn't create database, I have to created user_store manually.
> But I don't know how I make table and fields  into user_store.
> Could you give a script about that ?
> I use php5.2.6, mysql5.0 vpopmail5.4.6
> I am able to add any user with vqregister.

Off the top of my head, make sure your db.c points to db_mysql.c    I
haven't messed with the innards of vqregister for a long time.. 
It would be best to check the archives first, vqregister isn't as 'hands
off' as some other software.



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