It sounds like you are wanting to use what some packages call a "smarthost", and relay all of your non-local mail through a particular server.

To use one server as a "smarthost" for all outbound mail, place in smtproutes:


If you want to relay only specific domains use:


If you want to relay specific domains to specific locations use:


If you want to do specific domains to one smarthost, and catchall to another, use:


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Hi All,

I have a server that is used to authenticated relay and where alsothe local
domains are.

I would like to know if is possible, and how, to do the following:
- a mail is sent to a local domain and it is delivered locally
- a mail is sent to a non-local domain and it is forward to another
machine that will do the relay.

I don't pretend too use this server as a relay to the outside.

Is this configuration possible? Should I use in smtproutes :<ip of other
machine> and it will do the job?

Sérgio Rosa


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