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Do your own homework, hint: there is a reason some distros do not include PAM for very good reasons, and it aint'coz they wana be different' I dont have the time to give you a 50 page lesson on the risks of using it.

Translation: I read a headline on digg/reddit/Slashdot/kuro5hin that PAM is insecure. I didn't really understand the article, but I'll act like a security expert and throw my weight around on mailing lists.

The point is, this is a mailing list for VPopMail, nothing else! Unless you have obtained prior permission from the list maintainers (inter7) for advertising ANYTHING on THEIR list, in which case it usually follows with a disclaimer that it is posted with permission from the maintainers of <insert_list>.

The point is, this is of interest to vpopmail users that need a replacement auth module for recent versions of Courier-IMAP.

The maintainers here have been very strict and clear that nothing else should be discussed but vpopmail, and that's fair enough, anything related to other products thereby = spam, and you risk being treated like such, that includes the risk of RBL entries.

Who died and made you list moderator? I don't see inter7.com after your email address, I don't see your name in the list of SourceForge admins, and I don't recall seeing your name in the Changelog.

Chill out.  It's not like he's trying to sell green cards here.

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